Pictures from MIRSI first run, Mt. Lemmon Observing Facility (MLOF)

December 5 - 12, 2001

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Initial LN2 Fill during cooldown MLOF dome and control building Mounting the system on the telescope Mounting complete

 Pict0005.JPG  Pict0006.JPG  Pict0007.JPG  Pict0008.JPG
Balancing the telescope 1 Balancing the telescope 2 Balancing the telescope 3 First light with MIRSI, 2001/12/05

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(L to R) J. Hora, J. Adams, M. Kassis Warehouse building View of Tucson Fiber optics wire between buildings

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Dome, Dorm, & Gym MIRSI at Zenith Telescope and MIRSI Telescope primary

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Telescope at night 1 Telescope at night 2 Telescope at night 3 Telescope at night 4

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Control room 1 Control room 2 Snow on last night Dome snowed in