2010 September New zJ filter (for spectroscopy) is now installed.

2010 August New HK filter and H grism are now installed and available.

2010 March J grism and deployable gatevalve baffle is installed. J grism works great, and K-band is improved, but still not as low as it could be.

2009 November 28 Magellan first light.

2009 September MMIRS ships to Magellan.

2009 May 18 MMIRS takes a YHK image of Messier 64, the Black Eye Galaxy: M64

2009 May 14 First published science result -- a non-detection: GCN Circular 9370 First slit mask spectra: Image

2009 May 12 MMIRS is installed on the telescope for the first time. Photo Just after midnight the first image is taken.

2009 May 8 MMIRS arrives at the MMT and unloading begins. Photos Videos

2009 May 4 MMIRS was packed into its shipping container today and set off for Arizona. It is expected to arrive Friday afternoon. Photos

2009 May 3 MMIRS begins its trip to the MMT by flying across the lab at Cambridge Discovery Park. Check out this movie: Quicktime Windows Media