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Policies and procedures.

Work being submitted to the CE Machine Shop should be emailed to Larry Knowles and Melinda Dillon.
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Larry Knowles Melinda Dillon

GUIDELINES FOR MACHINE USAGE: With very few exceptions.
Only CE Machine Shop employee's are authorized to use the Machine Shop Machinery.

Note: 1. Safety glasses and safety shoes must be worn at all times
by empolyees in the shop.
2. Visitors are required to wear safety glasses.
3. Any and all items borrowed from the shop must be signed out
and promptly returned upon completion of use.
4. Area's used for assembly must be cleaned and return all borrowed items.
5. All visitors should minimize disruptions to employees working on jobs in the shop.
6. After using any equipment or tools in the shop,
you are responsible for cleaning the area and returning all tools.



Department Manager: Larry Knowles (617) 495-2020
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