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Press Room - 1997 Press Releases

August 26, 1997:
HST Observations of the Pulsating Star Betelgeuse

July 28, 1997:
On-Line Abstracts Used World-Wide by Over 10,000 Astronomers

July 9, 1997 :
Solar and Stellar Experts to Gather in Cambridge for Workshop on Cool Stars and the Sun

April 28, 1997:
Violence in the Very-High-Energy Gamma Ray Universe

April 24, 1997:
New Extrasolar Planet Discovered

March 18, 1997:
Precision Photometry Technique to Aid Searches for Extrasolar Planets

January 15, 1997:
A New Panorama of the Milky Way in Molecular Clouds

January 14, 1997:
Exact Center of the Milky Way Finally Pinpointed with Precision

January 13, 1997:
Astronomers Closing in on Black Holes

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