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Press Room - 1998 Press Releases

December 16, 1998:
Huffing and Puffing: Standard Star-Birth Theories Challenged By Radio Images of Wind Flows from Massive Protostar in Orion

June 15, 1998:
New Award Established for Amateur Comet Hunters

April 21, 1998:
Astronomers Discover Possible Planet-Forming Disk

January 9, 1998:
New Understanding of the Solar Wind:
The Impact of Ulysses and SOHO Measurements (Lecture Summary)

Field of Dreams (Lecture Summary)

January 8, 1998:
A Gravitationally Lensed Castle?

Hubble Pinpoints Distant Supernovae to Measure Deceleration of Universe

TeV Gamma Ray Astronomy: New Light from the Dark Night Sky (Lecture Summary)

January 7, 1998:
The Black Hole at the Center of the Milky Way

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