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Press Room - 1999 Press Releases

October 20, 1999:
A Dusty Ring May Be the Tell-Tale Mark of an Emerging Planetary System

October 19, 1999:
"FAME" Will Size up the Universe and Search for Distant Planets

September 20, 1999:
Buzzing Like a Beehive: Uranus Now Swarms with Distant Moons

June 1, 1999:
Black Hole Hunting: CfA Astronomers Track an X-Ray Nova

April 13, 1999:
Astronomers Detect Activity from "Quiet" Supermassive Black Holes

February 10, 1999:
FAME Will Map Stars and Search for Hidden Companions

January 9, 1999:
To Boldly Go: NASA and NSF Get Serious About the Nearest Stars

Exploding Star Sheds Light on Expanding Universe

January 8, 1999:
First Results from SWAS Include Some Surprises

January 7, 1999:
Possible New Class of Stars Seen in Center of a Globular Cluster

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