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Press Room - 2000 Press Releases

September 26, 2000:
Astronomers Resolve Visible Blast Wave from Gamma-Ray Burst

May 10, 2000:
Cosmic Gamma-Ray Background Radiation May Be Remnant of Large-Scale Structure Formation in the Universe

February 8, 2000:
Grant Enhances Capability of Minor Planet Center

January 19, 2000:
Astronomers Detect Highest Frequency Radio Emissions Ever From Interstellar Molecules (joint CfA-UA release)

January 13, 2000:
Like a Human Heart: Betelgeuse's Chromosphere Beats Asymmetrically

January 12, 2000:
Little Giants Create a Big Cosmic Controversy

January 12, 2000:
Streamers of Gas Feeding the Beast at the Center of our Galaxy

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