Weekly Science Updates - 2009

super-EarthDecember 25, 2009A Nearby Super-Earth
Galaxy UGC 7321October 30, 2009Dark Matter in a Galaxy
NGC 4151October 16, 2009X-Ray Jets from Galaxies
young star clusterOctober 09, 2009Young Star Clusters
HD149026October 02, 2009The Hot Saturn Exoplanet
gamma raysSeptember 25, 2009Very High Energy Gamma Rays
star forming regionSeptember 11, 2009Making Massive Stars
galaxy clustersSeptember 04, 2009A Theory of Dark Matter
IC 348August 21, 2009Making Jupiters
Omega CentaurusMarch 27, 2009Dust Factories
Milky Way GalaxyMarch 13, 2009Mapping the Milky Way
Solar SigmoidMarch 06, 2009Sigmoids
OphiuchusJanuary 23, 2009The Abundance of Oxygen
January 02, 2009Standard Candles

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