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 Release No. 01-07: Astronomers Detect Dust Disks Around Very Young Brown Dwarfs in the Orion Nebula

Brown Dwarf Images and Diagrams

brown dwarfs A cluster of nearly one thousand newly formed stars is captured in this infrared photograph (left) as it emerges from the gaseous womb from which is was recently born. This extremely young cluster contains the largest known population of objects known as Brown Dwarfs. These are among the faintest sources present in the image. This image was made with an infrared camera on the New Technology Telescope of the European Southern Observatory, located in the Andes Mountains of Chile and was presented at the 198th meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Pasadena, California on June 7, 2001. Photo Credit: European Southern Observatory

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artist conception In this artist conception (right), dust rings surround young Brown Dwarfs in the gaseous womb of M42 from which they were recently born. Photo Credit: Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Cambridge, MA. Artist: B. Scott Kahler

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brown dwarf illustration Trapezium star field indicating detected brown dwarfs as black dots.

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brown dwarf illustration Brown dwarfs in Trapezium with dust rings are indicated as black dots within circles.

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