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 Release No. 04-32: I, Robotic Telescope
For Release: October 20, 2004

supernova in galaxy NGC 6946 First "robotic light" science image of a nearby bright supernovaingalaxy NGC 6946. PAIRITEL will observe supernovae throughout the year atinfrared wavelengths with the highest cadences to date (< 1 day) of anybigsurvey. The telescope will also pursue the elusive and rare gamma-rayburstafterglows after being automatically notified of burst positions byNASA'sSwift satellite. Credit: Joshua Bloom (CfA/UC Berkeley) and Cullen Blake (HarvardUniversity)

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PAIRITELPAIRITEL at dawn under beautiful but cloudy skies. The systemisone of a handful of meter-class telescopes in the world to run in fullyrobotic mode and the first telescope in North America dedicated toinfraredobservations of astronomical transients. After commissioning, the systemwill use its weather sensors and transmission monitor to insure thatsuchcloudy skies at night cannot rain on its parade.Credit: Joshua Bloom (CfA/UC Berkeley)

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