Crossroads: The Future of Human Life in the Universe, April 30 - May 2
Thursday, April 16, 2009
News Feature

Astronomers are on the threshold of discovering the Holy Grail of planetary sciences - new Earth-like planets. The next challenge will be to determine whether or not these worlds have life on them especially intelligent life that we can communicate with.

If such life does exist beyond our solar system, will it be technologically-based life like ours? Or, if we do not find intelligent life out there, what does that imply about our place in the Universe?

Are there "filters" like global warming, overpopulation, exhaustion of natural resources, and the emergence of A.I. that sentient species must pass through? And, if they don’t, does their dominance end? Is this the reason SETI has heard nothing for the past 35 years because no intelligent species near us has survived these types of filters?

Are humans on the brink of one of these dangerous passages right now? These are the topics to be explored in this provocative meeting of world experts as we examine the future of human life in the Universe.

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