Solar Dynamics Observatory: Our Sun in High-Definition
Wednesday, January 4, 2012
News Feature

At 7:30 pm on Thursday, January 19, the Center for Astrophysics will hold our first Observatory Night talk of 2012, which will be all about the new view of our Sun provided by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO). Launched in 2010, SDO is exploring our closest star with the latest technology. It takes an image of the Sun with 10 times greater resolution than high-definition television every 0.75 seconds! These images reveal a dynamic, complex outer atmosphere that's over a million degrees hot. By using SDO to harvest high-resolution photos at a fast pace, astronomers are gaining new insights into the causes of solar activity and its impacts on Earth.

This event will be held in Phillips Auditorium (at the rear of the CfA complex near Madison Street and large parking lot), 60 Garden Street, Cambridge, about 1 mile west of Harvard Square. Parking lots marked for Observatory Staff are open to the public on event nights. No reservations are necessary, but seating is limited to the auditorium's capacity. Admission is free.