Margaret Geller Honored by Dartmouth, NPR
Thursday, June 5, 2014
News Feature

Dr. Margaret J. Geller will be recognized on Sunday, June 8th by the award of the honorary degree of Doctor of Science by Dartmouth College. This will be her sixth honorary degree.

Geller was a pioneer in mapping the nearby universe. Her maps provided a new view of the enormous patterns in the distribution of galaxies like the Milky Way - the largest patterns we know.

In addition, NPR has assembled a list of "the best commencement speeches, ever." Geller is included in this compilation of more than 300 talks for her speech at Harvard University in 1995.

NPR highlighted the following quote: "Science is driven not only by the curiosity of those who explore today but also by their confidence that others like you will succeed where they have failed."

The full text of her speech, titled "The Sense of Wonder," is available at