Richard F. Caris Mirror Lab Casts Fourth GMT Segment
Monday, October 5, 2015
GMT Feature

The University of Arizona celebrates the newly renamed Richard F. Caris Mirror Lab, part of Steward Observatory and the College of Science, and casts the fourth of the Giant Magellan Telescope's primary mirror segments. Glass for the 8.4m diameter central segment has been loaded into a mold housed in a rotating oven, and is in the process of being melted. The second and third mirror segments for the telescope are currently being polished at the mirror lab.

The mirror lab has been renamed in honor of Richard F. Caris, who donated $20 million to the UA to support the university’s partnership in the construction of the GMT. At the ceremony today, UA President Ann Weaver Hart, College of Science Dean Joaquin Ruiz and others will give remarks.

More information on the mirror fabrication process is available on the Giant Magellan Telescope website.