David Charbonneau Awarded 2012 Sackler Prize in Physics
Sunday, April 22, 2012
Prize Announcement

Professor David Charbonneau has won the Sackler Prize in Physics for 2012. This award recognizes Charbonneau's seminal contributions to our understanding of extra-solar planets.

The Raymond and Beverly Sackler Prize in the Physical Sciences was established through the generosity of Dr. Raymond and Mrs. Beverly Sackler. Prizes are awarded each year alternating between Physics and Chemistry. The Sackler Prize supports dedication to science, originality and excellence, and is intended for young scientists who have made outstanding and fundamental contributions.

Previous winners include Adam Riess, who later shared the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics for providing evidence that the expansion of the universe is accelerating.

The award will be presented at a ceremony in Tel Aviv on June 12th. Charbonneau shares the award with Sara Seager, who completed her Ph. D. at the Center for Astrophysics with Dimitar Sasselov in 1999. Each winner will receive $50,000.