Science Updates - A look at CfA discoveries from recent journals

colliding spiral galaxies in Arp 272
May 17, 2019

Our Milky Way galaxy has probably collided or otherwise interacted with other galaxies during its lifetime; such interactions are common cosmic occurrences. Astronomers can deduce the history of mass accretion onto the Milky Way from a study of debris in the halo of the galaxy left as the tidal residue of such episodes.

May 10, 2019

Massive clusters of galaxies, some with more mass than a hundred Milky Way galaxies, have been detected from cosmic epochs as early as about three billion years after the big bang. Their ongoing star formation makes them bright enough to be detected at these distances.

optical image of the sky near the Centaurus association of young stars
May 3, 2019

Low mass stellar objects include both low-mass stars (less than about one half of the Sun's mass) and substellar brown dwarfs which, having less than about eighty Jupiter-masses, are unable to sustain the nuclear fusion of hydrogen but instead burn deuterium.