Science Updates - A look at CfA discoveries from recent journals

active galaxy NGC 5643
January 4, 2019

Most galaxies host supermassive black holes at their nuclei, each with millions or billions of solar-masses of material. There is thought to be a torus of dust and gas around the black holes, and an accreting disk that becomes very hot as material falls onto it, in turn heating the torus and circumnuclear gas and dust.

IRAC/Spitzer image of a dwarf galaxy
December 21, 2018

The existence of black holes is well established, and observations have found both stellar mass sized objects and giant ones millions to billions times more massive than the sun at the centers of galaxies. But the origin of these massive black holes is a mystery.

Neptune taken by the Voyager spacecraft compared with an artist's conception of the exoplanet K2-263b
December 14, 2018

The remarkable exoplanet discoveries made by the Kepler and K2 missions have enabled astronomers to begin to piece together the history of the Earth and to understand how and why it differs from its diverse exoplanetary cousins.