Optical and Infrared Astronomy (OIR)

The Giant Magellan Telescope (GMT) will discover Earth-like planets around nearby stars and detect galaxies at the edge of the observable universe.

The Optical and Infrared Astronomy Division focuses on extragalactic and galactic astronomy emphasizing studies of the large-scale structure of the universe, clusters of stars and of galaxies, and the formation and evolution of stars and planets by using data from satellites, balloons, the Space Shuttle, and ground-based observatories; and development of spectroscopy and imaging techniques.

Contact Information
Associate Director: 

Dr. Dan Fabricant (617) 495-7398

Division Administrator: 

Ms. Pat Brennan (617) 495-7293

Division Administrative Specialist: 

Ms. Sue Demski-Hamelin (617) 495-7320

Division Web Contact: 

Dr. Nelson Caldwell (617) 496-4776