OIR: Normal Galaxies

The nearby universe contains "normal" galaxies of a variety of different, morphological types: elliptical, lenticular, spiral, dwarf, and irregular. Current research in the OIR Division investigates the luminosities, masses, stellar content, ages, star formation histories, and dust content of these galaxies. Many of these projects have been based on galaxies drawn from redshift surveys done at CfA over the last three decades. Related research topics include the large-scale structure of these galaxies, the galaxies in the Local Group (where they can be resolved into individual stars), and their properties at other wavelengths.

Project Links

Spitzer's Hubble Atlas of Galaxies
Elliptical and early-type galaxies
Edge-on spiral galaxies
Masses And Luminosities of Nearby Infrared Galaxies
Nearby Field Galaxy Survey (link to site at ASU)
Star formation in local dwarf galaxies (at bottom of page)

Related Projects

Redshift surveys and large-scale structure
Starburst galaxies
Galaxies in the Local Group


Matt Ashby, Nelson Caldwell, Dan Fabricant, Emilio Falco, Giovanni Fazio, Margaret Geller, Lisa Kewley (former post-doc), Karen Masters, Michael Pahre, Ken Rines, Steve Willner


Spitzer Space Telescope infrared images of normal galaxies in the local universe.
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