CfA OIR Division Lunch Talks

June 24, 1999 Pratt Conference Room, Perkin G-04, 12:30 pm

ROSAT PSPC observations of T Tauri stars in MBM12

Thomas J. Hearty, Max Plank Institute/Garching


We present ROSAT PSPC pointed and ROSAT All-Sky Survey observations and the results of low and high spectral resolution optical follow-up observations of the T Tauri stars and X-ray selected T Tauri star candidates in the region of the nearby (~65 pc) dark cloud MBM12 (L1453-L1454, L1457, L1458). Using the updated census of 8 T Tauri stars we estimate a star-formation efficiency of ~2-24% for this ~30-200 M_sun cloud. In addition, we present Hipparcos satellite measurements that show the accepted distance to the cloud is not as well constrained as previously thought.