OIR Events

These seminars are held from 12:30 to 1:30 pm in the Pratt Conference Room, PG-04, unless moved to Phillips Auditorium, where they will usually run from 1:00 to 2:00 pm.
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30 September Ms. Nadia Zakamska (Princeton Observatory)
Multi-wavelength observations of type II quasars from the SDSS
14 October Dr. Rosanne Di Stefano (CfA)
Mesolensing and the Study of Local "Dark" Matter:
Isolated Black Holes, Neutron Stars and other Dim Objects
15 October
11:30am Friday
Ms. Dawn Erb (Caltech)
Stellar Populations and Kinematics of Star-forming Galaxies at z~2
21 October
1:00pm Phillips Auditorium
Dr. Paul Martini (CfA)
The most massive star clusters in NGC 5128 (Cen A) --
Supermassive Globular Clusters or Galaxy Debris?
28 October Ms. Alison Coil (UC Berkeley)
First Large-Scale Structure Results from the DEEP2 Galaxy
Redshift Survey: Galaxy Clustering, Environment, Groups and Voids at z=1
04 November Mr. Doug Mink (CfA)
ADASS XIV in Pasadena: Dealing with Petabytes of Data
11 November Veterans' Day Holiday
No Lunch Talk
17 November
Wednsday, 10:00 am
Dr. Phil Hinz (Steward Observatory)
A User's Guide to the New MMT Adaptive Optics System
18 November Dr. Matt Ashby (CfA)
Spitzer/IRAC Observations of the Nearby Edge-on Spiral Galaxy NGC5907
22 November
Monday, 10:00 am
Dr. Trevor Weekes (CfA/FLWO)
VERITAS: Status and Science
25 November Thanksgiving Holiday
No Lunch Talk
02 December Dr. Dan Clemens (BU)
GLIMPSE, Mimir, & GPIPS - All the Infrared, All the Time
03 December
Friday, 10:00 am, A-101
Dr. George Wallerstein (University of Washington, Seattle)
Observations Relevant to the Origin of the Galactic Halo
06 December
Monday, 11:00 am
Mr. Glenn van de Ven (Leiden)
The Dynamical Distance and Intrinsic Structure of
the Globular Cluster Omega Centauri
09 December Mr. Bram Venemans (Leiden)
Protoclusters associated with distant radio galaxies
10 December
Friday, 2:00 pm
Phillips Auditorium
Dr. Chris Haniff, Cambridge University and Dr. Michelle Creech-Eakman, New Mexico Tech
Prospects for Extragalactic Imaging with Optical/IR Interferometers
16 December Dr. Paolo Persi (IASF/CNR Rome)
High Mass Star Formation in the Giant Molecular Cloud NGC 6334 North:
An Infrared View
17 December
Friday, 2:00 pm
Room 340, 160 Concord Avenue
Dr. David Block (Univ. Witwatersrand, South Africa)
Masks of Cosmic Dust: The Hubble Tuning Fork strikes a New Note
27 January Mr. Joel Hartman (CfA)
Wide-Field Photometry of a Dense Stellar Field
Held from 12:30pm to 1:30pm in the Pratt Conference Room, PG-04, unless moved to Phillips Auditorium.
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