OIR Events

These seminars are held from 12:30 to 1:30 pm in the Pratt Conference Room, PG-04, unless moved to Phillips Auditorium, where they will usually run from 1:00 to 2:00 pm.
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22 January Dr. Ivo Labbe (Leiden Observatory)
Rest-frame optical properties of high-z galaxies and
the recent discovery of evolved galaxies at z>2
29 January Drs. Joe Hora, Michael Pahre, and Lori Allen (CfA)
Observing With the Spitzer Space Telescope
19 February Dr. David Latham (CfA) and Dr. Kelly Chance (CfA)
The Formation and Evolution of the Earth and Similar Planets
04 March
1:00 pm
Phillips Auditorium
Dr. Rudy Schild (CfA)
Microlensing Detection of Dark Matter and Quasar Structure
08 April Dr. David Silva (ESO)
Cool Insights into Early-Type Galaxies
15 April Dr. Lee Anne Willson (Iowa State U.)
The Physics of Stellar Atmospheres and Winds: What Mira models have taught us
16 April
Joint with R&G
Room M-340
Drs. Mike Skrutskie and John Wilson (University of Virginia)
Triplespec: A New Infrared Spectrograph for 5-10 Meter Telescopes
22 April Cancelled
26 April
Dr. John Huchra (CfA)
Open Discussion of AURA Activities
29 April Dr. Michael Pahre (CfA)
Blue Ellipticals and Red Spirals: Spitzer Imaging of Nearby Galaxies
06 May Dr. Wes Traub (CfA)
Recent Science Results from IOTA
13 May Dr. Scott Wakely (University of Chicago)
Gamma-Rays, Cosmic Backgrounds and the Universe, as Calorimeter
27 May Dr. Pauline Barmby (CfA)
Deep Mid-Infrared Imaging with the Spitzer Space Telescope
9 June Dr. Ned Wright (UCLA)
17 June Dr. Tom Megeath (CfA)
The Mid-IR Galaxy in Living Color:
Detecting Brown Dwarfs, Disks, and Protostars with the Spitzer Space Telescope
24 June Cancelled!
Held from 12:30pm to 1:30pm in the Pratt Conference Room, PG-04, unless moved to Phillips Auditorium.
Click on the title for the abstract, the speaker for their home page or e-mail address.

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