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These seminars are held from 12:30 to 1:30 pm in the Pratt Conference Room, PG-04, unless moved to Phillips Auditorium, where they will usually run from 1:00 to 2:00 pm.
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8 January
Phillips Auditorium
Prof. Dave Kieda (University of Utah)
TeV Gamma Ray Emission from the Cygnus Arm Region
22 January
Dr. Philip Kaaret (University of Iowa)
Galactic Particle Accelerators
25 January Dr. Wystan Benbow (MPIfK, Heidelberg)
Unraveling the mysteries of the non-thermal universe with H.E.S.S.
1 February Dr. Anil Seth(CfA)
From the Inside Out: the Evolution of Late-Type Galaxy Nuclei and Disks
15 March Dr. Ken Rines (CfA)
Cosmology with the Mass Function of Galaxy Clusters
22 March
Dr. Erik Rosolowsky (CfA)
Connecting Local and Global Views of the Star-Forming ISM
27 March
Dr. Benne Holwerda (STScI)
The Opacity of Spiral Galaxy Disks
29 March Dr. Michael Wood-Vasey (CfA)
Determining the Nature of Dark Energy:
The Latest from ESSENCE, Pan-STARRS, SPT, and Other Acronyms
05 April Dr. Silas Laycock (CfA)
Digitizing the Harvard Plate Stacks:
Photographic astronomy in the 21st century
11 April
Wednesday 11:00 am
Dr. Michael Shao (JPL)
Exoplanets with Large and Small Projects
12 April Dr. Stephane Blondin (CfA)
Determining the Type, Redshift, and Age of a Supernova Spectrum
19 April John Johnson (UC Berkeley)
Exploring the Relationship Between Stellar Mass and Planet Formation
20 April
Friday Noon!
John Huchra (CfA)
Roundtable Discussion of AURA Activities:
The NSF Senior Review & The Next Decadal Survey
10 May Dr. Kristine Spekkens (Rutgers/NRAO)
Precision Cosmology and the Structure of Nearby Galaxies
17 May Dr. Joe Hora (CfA)
Spitzer Images of the Cometary Knots in the Helix Planetary Nebula
Held from 12:30pm to 1:30pm in the Pratt Conference Room, PG-04, unless moved to Phillips Auditorium.
Click on the title for the abstract, the speaker for their home page or e-mail address.

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