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These seminars are held from 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm in Phillips Auditorium
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16 January Dr. Brian McLeod (CfA)
An Introduction to MMIRS, the MMT and Magellan Infrared Spectrograph
20 February Dr. Pauline Barmby (Univ. Western Ontario)
The Missing Intracluster Medium in Globular Clusters
27 February
Dr. Michael Hart (Steward)
MMT GLAO Laser Guide Star System
6 March Dr. Anil Seth (CfA)
Nuclear Star Clusters: Formation and Relation to Black Holes
13 March Dr. Anna Frebel (CfA)
Extremely metal-poor stars in ultra-faint dwarf galaxies --
Are those dwarfs the building blocks of the Milky Way
18 March 11:00 am in Pratt Dr. Morag Hastie (SAO/MMTO)
The MMTs Instrument Suite - An Update
27 March Dr. Mark Brodwin (CfA)
A Large Population of High Redshift Galaxy Clusters in the IRAC Shallow Cluster Survey (ISCS)
17 April Nikolai Samus (Ed., General Catalog of Variable Stars)
New Variable Stars from Scanned Moscow Plates
17 April Barry Rothberg (Naval Research Laboratory)
Star-Formation in Merging Galaxies
08 May Dr. Joaquin Vieira (University of Chicago)
A New Sample of (sub)mm Galaxies Discovered with the South Pole Telescope
22 May Rudy Schild (CfA)
Reverberation in the UV_Optical Continuum of 55 MACHO Quasars
03 June Dr. Preethi Nair INAF (Italy)
On the Fraction of Barred Galaxies
Held from 12:00 noon to 1:00pm in Phillips Auditorium.
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