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   To sign up to give an OIR seminar, email Ivana Damjanov or Trent Dupuy
with your name, title of your talk, and the (unscheduled) date you want to give it.
We generally do not arrange OIR seminars outside of the regular schedule.
The current seminar schedule is below.
[ Here is information about places to stay when visiting]

These seminars are held on Wednesday from 11:00 am to noon in the Pratt Conference Room.
Click on the title for the abstract or the speaker's name for their home page.
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26 July Masayuki Akiyama (Astronomical Institute, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan)
Census of Active Super Massive Black Holes at z=1-2
05 September Andres E. Guzman Fernandez (CfA)
Ionized Jets Toward High-Mass Young Stellar Objects
12 September
Phillips Auditorium
Daniel Eisenstein (CfA)
Discussion of the NSF Astronomy Portfolio Review
19 September Jon Trump (UCSC)
Connecting AGN Accretion and Obscuration to Host Galaxy Evolution
26 September Timothy Brandt (Princeton)
The Diffuse Galactic Light: The Local Milky Way in Reflection
03 October Guangtun Zhu (JHU)
Probing Gas Halos of Galaxies with SDSS
10 October
M-340, 160 Concord Ave.
Adam Miller (UC Berkeley)
How to Find the Rare Sources All New Surveys Promise:
Machine-learning Enabled Classification and Discovery
17 October Juan Rafael Martinez Galarza (CfA)
Bayesian fitting of Starburst Spectra: Spitzer, Herschel and Beyond
24 October Anne-Marie Weijmans (Dunlap Institute, U. Toronto)
How to form an early-type galaxy: clues from integral-field spectroscopy
31 October Talk Cancelled to to Weather
07 November Aleks Diamond-Stanic (CGE, UCSD)
Probing the Gas Around Galaxies and Black Holes
14 November Iair Arcavi (Weizmann Institute)
The Explosive Deaths of Massive Stars
28 November Jess Werk (UCSC)
The Invisible, Large Reservoirs of Gas Around Galaxies
05 December Shan Huang (Cornell)
Gas-rich galaxies in the Arecibo Legacy Fast ALFA survey
12 December Daniel Szomoru (Leiden)
Structural evolution of galaxies between z=0 and z=2.5
19 December Rachel Bezanson (Yale)
Galaxy quenching and the remarkable stability of the velocity dispersion function since z~1.5

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