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   To sign up to give an OIR seminar, email Ivana Damjanov or Trent Dupuy
with your name, title of your talk, and the (unscheduled) date you want to give it.
We generally do not arrange OIR seminars outside of the regular schedule.
The current seminar schedule is below.
[ Here is information about places to stay when visiting]

These seminars are held on Wednesday from 11:00 am to noon in the Pratt Conference Room.
Click on the title for the abstract or the speaker's name for their home page.
The CfA Colloquium Schedule is also available, as well as links to other CfA events.

15 January Charles Steinhardt (Caltech)
Is High-Redshift Galactic Evolution Broken?
02 February Suresh Sivanandam (David Dunlap Observatory)
Infrared diagnostics of stellar evolution in nearby galaxies
13 March
Friday in Phillips
Or Graur (NYU)
Digging for Treasure: supernovae in SDSS spectra unravel the rate-mass relation
15 April
Friday in Phillips
Andrei Klishin (MIT)
An Analytic Explanation of the Stellar Initial Mass Function
from the Theory of Spatial Networks
27 April
Monday in 160 Concord Ave. M-340
Marco Landini (INAF)
Spectroscopy in the Very Large and Extremely large telescope era:
The case of ESPRESSO and HIRES
27 April
3:00 pm in Pratt
Rogier A. Windhorst (JWST Interdisciplinary Scientist, Arizona State Univ.)
How will the James Webb Space Telescope measure First Light,
Reionization, and Galaxy Assembly: The New Frontier after Hubble
06 May Jessica Mink (SAO)
How I Found My Place in the Universe (and helped everybody else find theirs)

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