CfA OIR Division Lunch Talks
Wednesday, September 5, 2012, 11:00 am, Pratt Conference Room

Ionized Jets Toward High-Mass Young Stellar Objects

Andres Guzman (CfA)

Assessing the possible extension of the jet-disk-accretion process of individual low-mass star formation to the high-mass (> 8 MSun) case has been one of the main driving problems in the star formation field. One of the striking features of the disk accretion theory is its connection with the ejection of a collimated jet. Detecting its presence is a sufficient condition to ensure disk accretion is taking place. Jets also provide a natural explanation as the driving sources of the commonly observed bipolar molecular outflows. After a systematical search for collimated ionized jets toward high-mass young stellar objects (HMYSOs), we conclude that we can associate this phenomenon to stars of at least 20 MSun. Based on the rate of occurrence of jets in our sample, we estimate that the jet phase in high-mass protostars lasts for ~40,000 yr.