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   To sign up to give an OIR seminar, email Jay Strader or Trent Dupuy or Ivana Damjanov
with your name, title of your talk, and the (unscheduled) date you want to give it.
We generally do not arrange OIR seminars outside of the regular schedule.
The current seminar schedule is below.
[ Here is information about places to stay when visiting]

These seminars are held on Wednesday from 11:00 am to noon in the Pratt Conference Room.
Click on the title for the abstract or the speaker's name for their home page.
The CfA Colloquium Schedule is also available, as well as links to other CfA events.

16 January Ingyin Zaw (NYU)
Host AGN of Extragalactic H2O Megamasers
23 January Lia Corrales (Columbia)
Probing ISM and Dust Abundance with X-rays
30 January Igor Chilingaryan and Brian McLeod (CfA)
Near IR imaging and spectroscopy with
the MMT and Magellan Infrared Spectrograph
20 February Matt Walker (CfA)
A Bayesian Method for Reduction of Hectochelle Spectra
27 February Yasuo Doi (University of Tokyo)
AKARI Far-Infrared All-Sky Survey Maps
13 March Jabran Zahid (CfA, Hawaii)
A Census of Oxygen in the Local Universe
20 March Spring Break
03 April Danilo Marchesini (Tufts)
Massive Galaxies in the Early Universe:
New Insights into Galaxy Formation and Evolution
10 April Shane Bussmann
Gravitationally Lensed Sub-millimeter Galaxies Discovered by Herschel
17 April Peter Williams (CfA)
Magnetic Activity Past the Bottom of the Main Sequence
22 May Matteo Cerruti (CfA)
VHE blazars: observations and modeling
29 May Sjoert van Velzen (Radboud University Nijmegen)
Stellar tidal disruptions: from optical to radio
05 June Changbom Park (KIAS)
The Largest Structure in the Universe
12 June John Silverman
F-COSMOS: a near-infrared spectroscopic survey of
star-forming galaxies at z~1.6 in COSMOS with Subaru/FMOS
26 June Edward Montiel (Louisiana State University)
R Coronae Borealis Stars: A Tale of Two (Origin) Theories

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