Fall 2013 OIR Events
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   To sign up to give an OIR seminar, email Ivana Damjanov or Trent Dupuy or Ashley Zauderer
with your name, title of your talk, and the (unscheduled) date you want to give it.
We generally do not arrange OIR seminars outside of the regular schedule.
The current seminar schedule is below.
[ Here is information about places to stay when visiting]

These seminars are held on Wednesday from 11:00 am to noon in the Pratt Conference Room.
Click on the title for the abstract or the speaker's name for their home page.
The CfA Colloquium Schedule is also available, as well as links to other CfA events.

11 September Anna Barnacka (CfA-OIR)
Exploring Gravitational Lensing with High Energy Gamma Rays
18 September Igor Chilingaryan and Andrew Szentgyorgyi (CfA)
Status of Instrumentation at Magellan
25 September
A Building Classroom
11:00 Edmond Cheung (UCSC)
Galaxy Zoo: Observing Secular Evolution Through Bars
11:30 Kari Helgason (UMD)
The link between the cosmic near-IR and X-ray backgrounds:
Signatures of the first black holes?
02 October Paul Green (CfA)
Innocent Bystanders and Smoking Guns:
Dwarf Carbon Stars Live to Tell the Tale
09 October
A Building Classroom
Marco Viero (CalTech)
The Role of Large Herschel Surveys in the Fields of Galaxy Evolution and Cosmology
16 October Dan Taranu (University of Toronto)
Forming Elliptical Galaxies via Mergers in Groups
30 October Alex Mendez (UC San Diego)
Star Formation Quenching and AGN in Galaxies
06 November
11:00 Kate Whitaker (Goddard)
The Quenching of Star Formation in Massive Galaxies
11:30 Leo Singer (Caltech)
The Needle in the Hundred-Square-Degree Haystack:
from Fermi GRBs to LIGO Discoveries
13 November Or Graur (AMNH)
The Oldest Explosions: Type-Ia Supernova Rates from Low- and High-Redshift Surveys
20 November Stacey Alberts (UMASS Amherst)
The Evolution of Dust-Obscured Star Formation in Galaxy Clusters
Relative to the Field over the Last 9 Billion Years
04 December Benjamin Shappee (OSU)
All-Sky Automated Survey for Supernovae

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