Symposium in Honor of Giovanni Fazio

May 27 & 28, 2009



May 27:


      9:00 AM      Welcome

      9:10 AM      Director’s Comments


Infrared Astronomy’s Contributions to our Understanding of the Universe


      9:20 AM      Martin Harwit – Growth of Astrophysical Understanding

      10:05 AM      Owen Gingerich – From Herschel to Betelgeuse


      10:50 AM      Coffee Break / Posters


The Early Years of Infrared Astronomy


      11:10 AM      William Hoffmann – Early Ballooning: Cool Heat from the Galactic Center

      11:35 AM      Ned Wright – Pilgrim in Palestine: A Beginning in Ballooning


      Noon      Group Photo followed by Lunch at Pforzheimer House Dining Hall


      1:15 PM      Eric Becklin – Giovanni and the Early Years of Ground-Based Infrared      


      1:40 PM      Steve Price – 45 Years of Infrared Astronomy at the Air Force Laboratory


Infrared Astronomy in the Present Epoch – Space


      2:05 PM      Michael Werner – Going Wide and Deep with IRAC: The ‘Shallow’ Survey

                                    and SDWFS

      2:30 PM      Judy Pipher – IRAC from Conception to Successful Maturity

      2:55 PM      Thomas Roellig – Brown Dwarfs with Spitzer – an IRS/IRAC Partnership


      3:20 PM      Coffee Break / Posters


      3:45 PM      George Rieke – Debris Disks and Planetary System Evolution

      4:10 PM      David Charbonneau – The Direct Study of Exoplanet Atmospheres

      4:35 PM      Ed Churchwell – Unveiling the Unseen

      4:50 PM      Margaret Meixner – Spitzer Survey of the LMC: Surveying the Agents

                                    of a Galaxy’s Evolution


      5:05 PM      Adjourn Day 1


      7:00 PM      Banquet at The Charles Hotel (Harvard Square)

                  After-Dinner Speaker:  Jeffrey Hoffman, Hubble Astronaut



May 28:


           9:00 AM           George Nystrom/Frank Licata – Flying Blind But With Determination


Ground-Based Infrared Astronomy


           9:20 AM           Steve Strom – The Past and Future of Ground-Based IR Galactic Astronomy

           10:05 AM           Harvey Moseley – Advances in Infrared Detectors


           10:30 AM           Coffee Break / Posters / Demonstration     Alyssa Goodman – Spitzer in

                          Context: A View of the Infrared Universe Inside the Worldwide Telescope


           11:05 AM           Daniel Jaffe – Advances in Infrared Instrumentation


Other Research Areas Advanced by Giovanni’s Students and Postdocs


           11:30 AM           Trevor Weekes – Giovanni and the Gamma-Ray Program at SAO 


           11:45 AM           Lunch – Pforzheimer House Dining Hall


           1:00 PM           Floyd Stecker – Stellar Photon Archaeology with Gamma-Rays                        

           1:25 PM           Josh Grindlay – Near Infrared Spectra of GRBs and the First Stars to EXIST

           1:50 PM           Wes Traub – How Giovanni’s Balloon-Borne Telescope Contributed to

                                                         Today’s Search for Life on Exoplanets

           2:15 PM           David Koch – Kepler Overview, Commissioning, and Prospectus

           2:40 PM           Richard Tresch Fienberg – Communicating Astronomy: From Sideline to



           3:05 PM           Coffee Break / Posters


Near-Future Infrared Astronomy Projects


           3:25 PM           Paul Goldsmith – Herschel Space Observatory

           3:50 PM           Peter Eisenhardt – Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer

           4:15 PM           Erick Young – Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy

           4:40 PM           Mark Clampin - Development of the James Webb Space Telescope

           5:05 PM           Marcia Rieke – Science Frontiers and the James Webb Space Telescope


           5:30 PM           Concluding Remarks


           5:40 PM           Adjourn