To ftp your image files to our site:

(Use anonymous ftp, which means you login as "anonymous", with your own email address as password).

You can deposit your images in this directory for inclusion in Giovanni's CD of memorabilia. Use binary transfer. PLEASE conform to the following standards; because we expect many images to come in, those not conforming will not be considered unless you have made prior arrangements with the LOC.


1) please keep images under 10MB each;
2) gif or jpg image formats only


Every image file name should conform to the following naming convention:

YOURINITIALS_yearofphoto_placetaken_otherlabelinginfo.gif (or.jpg)

so for example: GJM_1972_PalestineTX_hereistheballoonliftoff.gif

If caption is to be attached, it should be uploaded as plain ASCII files with the same root file name as the image file, with a suffix ".txt".

If you experience difficulty uploading the image files to our ftp site, you can also try to send them as attachments to:

Thank you for your contribution!