OIR: IR Group Visitor Request

IR Group Scientists:

Complete this form for all visitors you plan to have, whether they will be here short term (e.g. 1/2 day) or long term; this includes collaborators, predoctoral/postdoctoral students, and summer employees. It also includes people for whom you want to pay travel expenses only (formerly known as "no-fee consultants"), whether they're traveling to Cambridge or another destination.

Please submit this form even if plans aren't completely firm, as early notice helps us plan and be better prepared for incoming people. When you hit the submit button at the end, the form will automatically be sent to Jane Robie and Jo-Ann Campbell-Cameron. Thank you.

Your Name:

Visitor Name:

Visitor Nationality:

Visitor Home Institution:

Visitor Email:

Visitor Phone Number:

Host's Name:

Dates of Visit:

Purpose of Visit:

Will SAO provide payment to the visitor or pay travel expenses?

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If yes, please explain the amount and types of expenses you want to cover:

If yes, what is funding source?

Will visitor need a CF Unix account?

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Will visitor need after-hours building access?

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Will visitor need parking?

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Will visitor need a desktop computer

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If yes, what type/capabilities?

Please provide any other information it would be helpful for us to know, including visa needs:

Send a copy of this information to this email address (use short form of email address; separate multiple entries by commas. For example: jdoe@cfa,mbuck@cfa):


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