BHI Postdoctoral Fellowship: Overview

Applications are invited for Postdoctoral Research Fellows in the Black Hole Initiative (BHI) at Harvard University. The BHI is the first interdisciplinary research center worldwide to focus on the study of black holes. It is located within Harvard University at 20 Garden Street in Cambridge, MA. Current senior members of the BHI include Harvard faculty Avi Loeb (director), Peter Galison (History of Science & Philosophy), Ramesh Narayan (Astronomy), Andy Strominger (Physics) and Shing-Tung Yau (Mathematics), as well as SAO astronomer Sheperd Doeleman. Successful candidates will have access to our new computing facilities and will have the opportunity to interact and work with researchers in all of the above fields.

The nominal starting date for BHI postdoctoral fellows is September 1, 2019, but later appointments are possible. The grant-funded positions are for two years, renewable for a third year, contingent on performance and funding. Applications should be submitted electronically HERE and we will continue to accept subsequent applications until the positions are filled.


Clay Fellow Warren Brown