Clay Postdoctoral Fellowship: Program

Requirements: The Clay Postdoctoral Program Awards is designed for candidates whose interests and proposed research programs fall under an active field of research at the CfA. Candidates are strongly encouraged to study the Overview of the CfA in consideration of this requirement. Applicants are expected to pursue research programs of their own conception and design, and they should state clearly why they believe that their professional goals would be furthered through research opportunities at the CfA. Applicants are expected to demonstrate their capability for original research through several first-author refereed publications in major astronomy journals.

Academic Background: The Fellowship Committee welcomes applications from recent Ph.d. recipients. A short postdoctoral period especially at the Ph.d. institution is not a disqualification.

  • Stipends for the current academic year are $70,500.
  • Annual research budget of $16,000.
  • Full health insurance coverage for Fellows and their dependents.
  • Relocation is $7,500.

Length of the Award: The Clay Postdoctoral Fellowship is awarded for a period of five years.

Start Date: July or September 2020.

Annual Clay Colloquium: The Clay Fellow presents a research talk before the entire CfA community in early spring of their first year followed by a private reception.


Clay Fellow Warren Brown