Predoctoral Projects, 2015

Project Title: Large Scale X-ray jets in Radio-Loud Quasars and Galaxies.

Project Advisor: Aneta Siemiginowska

Background: Many large scale X-ray jets have been discovered by Chandra indicating that relativistic particles exist  at large distances from the quasar or AGN core.

Scientific Questions: What process is responsible for the jet X-ray emission at hundreds kiloparsecs distances from the quasar? What is the primary source of relativistic particles at the emission site? What are the characteristic timescales involved in the jet activity?

Scientific Methodology: This project considers both the data and theory of the X-ray jets. Theoretical work is related to understanding the physical processes responsible for the jet emission and may involve a development of jet emission models. Observations of X-ray jets come from the Chandra X-ray Observatory. We will use CIAO software to analyze the X-ray data. In addition the analysis of radio and optical data may be required.

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Clay Fellow Warren Brown