Predoctoral Projects, 2015

Project Title: Solar magnetic field modeling, active region structure and stability, developing the scientific basis for space weather.

Project Advisor: Edward DeLuca

Background: Sigmoidal active regions in the solar corona are a main source of coronal mass ejections and flares. Such regions are commonly observed by coronal imagers. This study will use observations from the Hinode X-ray Telescope (XRT) and the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO).

Scientific Questions: What is the magnetic structure and topology of sigmoids? Are flux rope topologies prevalent and what what are their parameters? Is flux cancellation the main mechanism for creating sigmoids? What magnetic instabilities are responsible for the eruption of sigmoids?

Scientific Methodology: This project considers both data of sigmoidal active regions observed with XRT and SDO, and magnetic field modeling. The Coronal Modeling System (CMS) will be used to model the regions. Development of new software may be necessary to accommodate the data analysis and modeling effort.


Clay Fellow Warren Brown