Predoctoral Projects, 2015

Project Title: Exploring Shocks and Energetic Particles from the Sun to the Inner Heliosphere

Project Advisor: Kelly Korreck

Background: Energetic particles are found through the Universe and their sources and propagation are of great interest both scientifically and in operational aspects of our space assets. Hot x-ray plasmas and in-situ measurements are being paired together in order to unravel the source of the high energy particles.

Scientific Questions: What are the characteristics of the energetic particle spectrum? What is the solar source of these particles? How does the shock propagate though the heliosphere and what effect does this have on the energetic particle spectrum?

Scientific Methodology: A combination of data analysis, modeling and theory is needed to address these problems. Combining 3-D MHD models with models of energetic particle propagation will be used. AIA EUV images of the Sun will aid in constraining source regions.

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