Research Scientists Proposing Predoctoral Projects, 2019

Topics linked here lead to detailed project description pages.

Avrett, Eugene H., 617-495-7423, Observatory P-340,, Theory of Stellar Atmospheres and Spectra; Models of Solar and Stellar Atmospheres; Computer Simulation of Solar and Stellar Spectra.

Benbow, Wystan, 617-496-7597, Observatory P-323,, Very High Energy Gamma-Ray Astronomy with VERITAS, Active Galactic Nuclei (Blazars), Radio Galaxies, Starburst Galaxies, Indirect Dark Matter Detection, Cherenkov Telescope Array.

DeLuca, Edward, 617-496-7725, Observatory P136,, Solar Magnetic Field Modeling, Active Region Structure and Stability, Developing the Scientific Basis for Space Weather.

Doeleman, Sheperd, 617-496-7762, Observatory M215,, Imaging Supermassive Black Holes.

Drake, Jeremy J., 617-496-7850, Observatory B-441,, High Energy Stellar Physics; Stellar Coronae; Stellar Magnetic Activity; Element Abundances and Stellar Evolution; Extreme Ultraviolet and X-ray Astronomy.

Elvis, Martin S., 617-495-7442, Observatory B-424,, Astronomical Prospecting: Steps to Asteroid Mining; Are Quasars Simple?

Golub, Leon , 617-495-7177, Observatory P-132,, Dynamics of the Solar Corona; High-resolution X-ray and Extreme Ultraviolet Instrumentation; Solar and Stellar Coronal Plasma and Dynamo Theory.

Green, Paul J., 617-495-7057, Observatory B-434,, Supermassive Black Holes, the Variable Sky, and Carbon Stars; X-ray Properties of Active Galactic Nuclei; Properties of the Mysterious Dwarf Carbon Stars.

Hora, Joseph L., 617-496-7548, Observatory M-232,, Star Formation, Infrared Astronomy, Spitzer Space Telescope, IR observations of near-earth objects, Massive Star Formation in the Cep OB4 Association.

McCarthy, Michael C., 617-495-7262 or 617-495-9848, P-256,, Laboratory Spectroscopy of Highly-Reactive Molecules of Astrophysical Interest.

McCollough, Michael L., 617-496-2119, Observatory B-240,; X-ray Binaries; Supernova remnants; High-Energy Astrophysics; Multiwavelength Studies; X-ray Astronomy; Gamma-ray Astronomy.

Myers, Philip C., 617-495-7295, M-318,, Star Formation Observations and Models; Molecular Clouds, Dense Cores, Protostars, Clusters, Magnetic Fields. Predoc project: How Do Magnetic Fields Allow Stars to Form?

Patnaude, Daniel, 617-496-2087, Observatory B-344,, Supernovae; Mass Loss in Massive Stars; Supernova Remnants; X-ray Astronomy; Massive Star Evolution; Optical spectroscopy of evolving supernovae.

Prestwich, Andrea, 617-496-7576, Observatory B-404,, X-ray Binaries; Extragalactic X-ray Astronomy; Extragalactic Star Formation; Ultra-Luminous X-ray Sources -- Environments of X-ray Sources.

Stark, Antony, 617-495-7256, Observatory M-205,, The South Pole Telescope.


Clay Fellow Warren Brown