2012 - 2013 Monthly CfA Graduate Student Seminar Schedule

The Harvard-Smithsonian Graduate Student Seminar is a monthly seminar that features the research of both Harvard Graduate Students and SAO Predoctoral Fellows. The purpose of the seminar is to highlight the important research being conducted by graduate students at the Center for Astrophysics (CfA). Also, this seminar provides an opportunity for students across the CfA to come together to discuss research and experiences in the field. On the second Wednesday of every month, at 5:00 pm, in the Pratt Conference Room, a Harvard Graduate Student and an SAO Predoctoral Fellow will present their work in a 20-minute segment that includes time for questions and feedback.

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October 17 Arghavan Safavi A microscopic model for anomalous heating in ion traps Hossein Sadeghpour
Gongjie Li Accumulated Tidal Heating of Stars Over Multiple Pericenter Passages Near SgrA* Avi Loeb

November 14

Chris Beaumont Astrophysical data exploration with Glue Alyssa Goodman
Nathan Sanders A new observational tool for estimating galaxy metallicity Alicia Soderberg
January 16 Jabran Zahid A Census of Oxygen in Star-Forming Galaxie Margaret Geller
Katherine Rosenfeld Waiting in the wings: the inner regions of the TW Hydrae disk Sean Andrews
February 27 Nick Lewkow Energetic Neutral Atoms in Astrophysical Environments Vasili Kharchenko
Laura Schaefer Hot and Steamy: Earth's Earliest Atmospheres Dimitar Sasselov
March 27 Sophia Dai Star Formation in Dust-Rich Quasars, or Not? Giovanni Fazio
Paul Torrey The Illustris Project: Populating the Hubble sequence in cosmological simulations Lars Hernquist
April 17 Christina Balkaran   Willie Torres
Zachary Slepian Slow Roll Dark Energy Doug Finkbeiner
May 15      

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