Opportunities: SAO Predoctoral Program: Student Research

Katie Auchettl, Monash University
SAO Advisor - Dr. Patrick Slane
Thesis Subject: High Energy Emission from Supernova Remnants and Pulsar Wind Nebula

Saral Gozde, Istanbul University
SAO Advisor - Dr. Joseph Hora
Thesis Subject: The Origin and Evolution of Rich Clusters

Xuejian Jiang, Nanjing University
SAO Advisor - Dr.Zhong Wang
Thesis Subject: Molecular Gas in the Milky Way and Star-forming Galaxies

Kriste Krstovski, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
SAO Advisor - Dr. Michael Kurtz
Thesis Subject: Efficient Latent Variable Models for Information Retrieval

Amit Levi, Tel-Aviv University
SAO Advisor - Dr. Dimitar Sasselov
Thesis Subject: Geocycles and Carbon Transport in Super-Earths

Nicholas Lewkow, University of Connecticut
SAO Advisor - Dr.Vasili Kharchenko
Thesis Subject: Transport of Energetic Neutral Atoms in Planetary Atmospheres and the Interstellar Medium

Xing Lu, Nanjing University
SAO Advisor - Dr. Qizhou Zhang
Thesis Subject: High-Mass Star Formation in Infrared Dark Clouds

Niladri Patra, University of Illinois, Chicago
SAO Advisor - Dr. Hossein Sadeghpour
Thesis Subject: Theoretical Study of Formation of Ploycyclic Aromatic Compounds in the Interstellar Medium

Charith Peris, Northeastern University
SAO Advisor - Dr. Saeqa Vrtilek
Thesis Subject: A Multivariate Analysis of GRS 1915+105

Chengcai Shen, Yunnan Astronomical Observatory
SAO Advisor - Dr. John Raymond
Thesis Subject: Numerical Experiment on Physical Features of Larger Current Sheet in Solar Eruption

Alexander Shurakov, Moscow State Pedagogical University
SAO Advisor - Dr. Edward Tong
Thesis Subject: Stabilisation of a HEB-mixers in Closed-Cycle Cryo Machine

Sarah Willis, Iowa State University
SAO Advisor - Dr. Howard Smith
Thesis Subject: Star Formation in Infrared Dark Clouds


Clay Fellow Warren Brown