Graduate Programs

The Department of Astronomy at Harvard offers a rich and varied program of theoretical, observational, and experimental graduate work leading to the Ph.D. in astronomy. Students enjoy opportunities to conduct research in nearly every branch of astronomy and astrophysics and access to CfA's extensive facilities.

SAO's Predoctoral Program is open to current graduate students pursuing thesis research in astrophysics or related fields. Applicants engaged in theory, observation, instrument development, or laboratory experiments at a university or college are strongly encouraged to apply.

Students enrolled in the University of Southampton's (UK) Honors Astronomy can also do research for their Masters thesis at SAO through participation in the SAO/University of Southampton "Astrophysics with a Year Abroad (M. Phys.)" program. While academic oversight remains with the Southampton advisor, the SAO host provides day-to-day scientific direction on work on a topic of mutual interest during the September to May academic year.