SAO/LIP Alumni News

Recent News

Marie Terrell recently accepted a position as an IT Specialist (APPSW) in the High Energy Astrophysics Division of SAO (working with the configuration management side of the Data Systems team at Chandra). She credits her poster presentation at the winter American Astronomical Society Conference with leading her to her current position. She also received two promotions last year as a teaching assistant and grader in the Electrical & Computer Engineering Department at UMASS Lowell.
Jasmine Oliveira currently works as a Software Engineer at WEVO Conversion. As one of the most successful interns at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, she managed a full-time class schedule and volunteer work while operating as a chief developer for the open source, spectroscopy tool, SPECdata. Her invaluable programming contributions to the Atomic and Molecular Physics Division at SAO are actively appreciated today.

Past Updates

Oscar A. De La Rosa, NOCC Engineer Co-op Program Participant at Akamai Technologies (Cambridge, MA)

Nick Baeza Hochmuth, Application Developer at Toast, Inc. (Boston, MA)

Lorenzo Barrett- Software Integration Engineer at IBM Resilient (Cambridge,MA)

Christina Michel, Researcher, Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine (Scranton, PA)

Arielle Joasil, Co-op Participant at Thermo Fisher Scientific in the R&D department supporting electrical systems in portable instruments since January 2018 (Waltham, MA)

Forest Mathieu, Graduate Student, Department of Physics, Brown University (Providence, RI)