SAO/LIP Student Profiles, 2016

Oscar A. De La Rosa, Undergraduate Student, UMASS Lowell

Oscar is in his third year as a Computer Science undergraduate student, with minors in Mathematics and Sound Recording Technology at UMass Lowell. He interned at the CfA under Mike Dunham and Ian Stephens on the MASSES project. His contributions were the cataloging of the properties of around 50+ Young Stellar Objects (YSOs) gather though the Submillimeter Array (SMA) in hopes of finding any correlation among them. Also, he wrote a Python script to better calculate the opening angle of YSOs from their FITS image file. He presented his findings at the American Astronomical Society 229th on January 2017. In the summer of 2017, he will be attending an academic seminar on cyber security at The Washington Center in D.C. and participate in cyber security research at the Wright State University in Dayton, OH. He was an orientation leader and is currently a DJ at his college radio, as well as a resident advisor for the newly created Living Learning Community for Freshmen Computer Science, Innovation in Computer Science.

Arielle Joasil, Undergraduate Student, UMASS Lowell

Arielle attends the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, as an Electrical Engineering major and Mathematics minor. She is researching planet-planet scattering and the parameters that render extrasolar satellites lost with Dr. Matthew J. Payne in the Solar, Stellar, and Planetary Sciences (SSP) division. Although her field focuses on the workings of circuitry and electronics, astronomy has intrigued Arielle for as long as she can remember. When she was younger, she would often read books about space, and even dreamed of having a job as an astrophysicist. However, in junior year of high school, after much deliberation, she decided that she wanted to pursue a career that would allow her to work more with electronics. The research she does at the CfA is always exciting and constantly stimulates her mind; thinking about the universe and what it contains never ceases to astound her. Meeting all of the scientists that specialize in various fields has made her experience at the CfA even better. Working at the CfA has inspired her to incorporate astrophysics in her career, somehow. She is not sure if this means building the components for the inner workings of telescopes or some other machine, but what she has done at the CfA has helped her discover what truly interests her. Arielle enjoys blogging and hopes to travel quite a bit in the upcoming year.

Sarah Miller, Undergraduate Student, UMASS Lowell

Sarah Miller is a member of the Commonwealth Honors College at UMASS Lowell. As a SAO/LIP intern she worked on the characterization of emissions from paper mills. In particular, she analyzed the products already available to attempt to be the first to detect emissions from paper mills using space borne instruments. The Atomic and Molecular Physics (AMP) Division is world leader in the measurement of a variety of trace gases in the Earth's atmosphere from satellites and airplanes using backscattered solar ultraviolet and visible radiation. They have developed algorithms for the retrieval of ozone, nitrogen dioxide, bromine monoxide, formaldehyde, water vapor, glyoxal and sulfur dioxide, which are produced from a variety of natural and manmade sources such as burning of fossil fuels, industrial production, volcanic activity, biogenic by-products and biomass burning. Currently, they use data from the OMI and OMPS instruments onboard NASA's satellites, the GOME-2 instrument onboard a European meteorological satellite as well as the ACAM and GEO-TASO instruments flown on board NASA's research airplanes. The interaction with this group allowed her to learn about new and exciting developments in the progress of the TEMPO mission - dedicated to monitor air quality over North America.

Jasmine Oliveira, Undergraduate Student, UMASS Boston

Jasmine is in her final year as computer science major in the honors college at UMASS Boston. She is also the President of the Computer Science Club at UMASS. Currently, she serves as a developer for the open source, spectroscopy tool, SPECdata. SPECdata is an interactive spectroscopic data analysis tool that will rapidly assign known species (i.e. precursors, contaminants) in an experiment spectrum. The software incorporates features that allow a user to interact with their data, accept or decline assignments, export analysis data, or save their assignment progress. Using SQLite, this software stores both catalog, and experiment data, and provides an easy to use GUI for database management. When she is not programming, she enjoys serving as a mentor to "at risk" girls in the Boston community as part of the Strong Women, Strong Girls Program.

Nick Baeza Hochmuth, Undergraduate Student, UMASS Lowell

Nick is currently at the University of Massachusetts Lowell pursuing a bachelors degree in Physics. Currently, he is working at the CfA with Dr. Jabran Zahid studying the evolution and development of massive compact galaxies. How he got into physics as his chosen field is a confusing story, because he originally started looking at colleges in high school with the idea of going to music school and majoring in Jazz Drumming. Eventually he realized that drumming was more of a hobby (one that he maintains actively) and he could pursue a career without having to stop playing music completely. He decided on physics because he was decent at math and thought that maybe he could find a way to improve renewable energy and hopefully improve the world. Now he is more cynical and he thinks searching for a new world is perhaps the more important mission, which is what brought him to astronomy and astrophysics. Currently, he is looking at graduate schools and trying to decide whether he wants to apply now or take some time off before he pursues his PhD. In his spare time, he cooks and plays drums.

Lorenzo Barrett, Undergraduate Student, UMASS Boston

Lorenzo is currently attending the University of Massachusetts Boston as a Computer Science major. Although he embarked on a project that mainly peaks the interest of astrophysicists and those alike, it's been made apparent to him that the various sciences as a whole will always intertwine to complete their ultimate, collaborative goals. Computers have always been his favorite hobby ever since elementary school as well as the world beyond our own. He would never have thought that the one thing that interested him the most in the world would lead him head-first into an environment filled with some of the most intelligent people I've ever met; people on the forefront of astronomical research who are discovering the vast beyond that he hopes to live long enough to see one day. He is here today by a lucky string of events that allowed him to meet his mentor, Iouli Gordon and his project's director, Larry Rothman, is simply amazing. They gave him the opportunity to share and maintain a project that is in use by researchers from all over the world; an opportunity that he has only dreamed about as a computer scientist. Amidst his life in front of a monitor, he enjoys being out with friends as much as possible mainly for the fact that he spends all his time with computers which (he hopes) can't converse with him. He is an avid fan of American football and being in the outdoors in general.

Victoria Souza, Undergraduate Student, UMASS Dartmouth

Victoria is currently attending the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth with an intended major of Environmental Engineering. Although her major focuses on Earth itself, she has always had an interest in astrophysics and would like to incorporate both fields into her future career. Science in general is one of her greatest interests. She decided to become an Environmental Engineering major during a service trip to Puerto Rico in January of this year. It focused on sustainable farming and working with mother nature to accomplish a goal. This trip was through UMass Boston's Beacon Voyages for Service program, which focuses on "service learning", or learning through community service projects. She plans on continuing her education at UMass Dartmouth and transferring to Humboldt State University in northern California to finish up my degree. Thanks to her mentor, Jill Naiman, she had the amazing opportunity to visit the University of California, Santa Cruz campus to work with a group of incredibly intelligent and wonderful people. In her spare time, she enjoys painting, longboarding, listening to music, and going on adventures.

Forest Mathieu, Undergraduate Student, UMASS Lowell

Forest Mathieu is about to begin his third year as a physics undergrad at UMass Lowell. He was recently awarded the Russell LeClaire Scholarship for outstanding work as a physics undergraduate. He is currently interning at the CFA under Mike Dunham on the MASSES project. His part of the project is to determine the relationship between the angle of the outflows of a protostar and the age of the protostar. Outside of physics and astronomy, his main interests pertain to music and he is an active member of his college radio station, WUML.