Past Interns and Projects: Summer 2002 and earlier.
 Intern Directory

2002 Interns

Ten Interns worked here during the summer of 2002.

  Student   School   Advisor(s)   Mentor(s)*

  Mia Bovill

  University of Maryland

  Tyler Bourke

  Peter Sollins

  Richard Cool

  University of Wyoming

  Eric Silver

  Anil Dosaj

  Robert Friedman

  Rutgers Universtiy

  Rosanne DiStefano

  Ken Rines

  Alex Hill

  Oberlin College

  John Huchra

  Nathalie Martimbeau

  Holly Manness

  Grinnell College

  Saeqa Vrtilek

  Mike Raley

  Joannah Metz

  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  Marc Kuchner

  Brant Robertson

  Emily Alicea-Munoz

  University of Puerto Rico

  Andrea Dupree

  Jason Aufdenberg

  Anandi Salinas

  University of Texas at Austin

  Eric Schlegel

  Eli Beckerman

  Tristan Smith

  University of Chicago

  Suzanne Romaine

  Ricardo Bruni

  Daniel Wik

  University of Ohio

  Paul Green

  John Silverman

2001 Interns

Ten Interns worked here in 2001

  Student   School   Advisor(s)   Mentor(s)*

  Stephanie Campbell

  Purdue University

  Nancy Brickhouse

  Ken Rines

  Adrienne Erickcek

  Princeton University

  Matt Holman

  Anil Dosaj

  Elizabeth Leass

  University of Texas at Austin

  Tom Megeath

  Beth Biller

  Samuel Vazquez Melendez

  University of Puerto Rico

  Ralph Kraft

  Tabetha Hole

  Shawn O'Brien

  University of Notre Dame

  Edwin Bergin

  Shanil Virani

  Shinae Parks

  University of California at Berkeley

  Scott Kenyon

  John Grimes

  Annika Peter

  University of Washington

  Andreas Zezas, Giuseppina Fabbiano

  Alceste Bonanos

  Nick Stroud

  University of Wisconsin at Madison

  Robert Cameron, et al.*

  Dave Morris

  Glen Nixon

  Purdue University

  James Phillips

  Warren Brown

  Adria Updike

  Smith College

  Amy Winebarger

  Kathy Reeves

*with Tom Aldcroft, Margarita Karovska and Dimitar Sasselov.

2000 Interns

Eleven Interns worked here in the summer of 2000.

  Student   School   Advisor(s)   Mentor(s)*

  Deborah L. Freedman

  Princeton University

  Jan Vrtilek

  Shanil Virani and Laura Grego

  Mark Kramer

  Oberlin College

  Jim Moran and Q. Zhang

  Jim Moran and Todd Hunter

  Julia M. Kregenow

  Wittenberg University

  Ralph Kraft

  Amy Winebarger and Christine Jones

  Emily M. Laubacher

  University of Dayton

  Eric Silver

  Dale Graessle

  Nicholas Pearson

  Bowling Green State University

  Steve Saar

  Peter Challis

  Jennifer Posson-Brown

  Smith College

  David Latham

  Pauline Barmby

  Brant Robertson

  University of Washington

  Larry David

  Kris Eriksen

  Shanna Shaked

  University of Arizona

  Jonathan McDowell

  Dave Morris

  Daniel Joseph Sherman

  University of Pennsylvania

  David Bersier

  Kris Stanek

  Sabrina Zoe Siloti

  University of Oklahoma

  Eric Schlegel

  Ken Rines

  Fernando Angel Torres

  University of California at Davis

  Hank Donnelly

  Tabetha Hole

*Anil Dosaj will act as "mentor at large" for all of the interns.

1999 Interns

Project Descriptions

Summer Lecture Series

Student School Advisor Mentor

Alceste Bonanos

Wellesley College

Peter Garnavich

Deron Pease

Carolyn Ernst

Brown University

Matt Holman

Olivia Johnson

Francisco Galvan

Colby College

Mike Garcia

Kris Eriksen/Vicky Kalogera (Co-mentors)

Erik Hoversten

Iowa State

Nuria Calvet

Ray Jayawardhana

Vit Hradecky

California Institute of Technology

Christine Jones

Hank Donnely

Naibi Marinas

University of Florida

Jim Phillips

Priya Desai

John Moustakas

University of California at Berkeley

Eric Schlegel

Anil Dosaj

Margaret Pan

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

David Latham

Malin Ljungberg

David Rothstein

Haverford College

Paul Ho

Dave Wilner

David Smith

University of Texas

Kenneth Wood

Kenneth Rines

Heidi Tebbe

University of Missouri

Brian Patten

Alexandria Ware

Kathryn Whitman

Cornell University

Brian McNamara

Laura Grego

1998 Interns

Project Descriptions | Photo Album | More info...





Marianne Vieira

Univ. of Rochester

Jim Babb

N. Balakrishnan

Catherine Slesnick


Bob Donahue, Sallie Baliunas (Co-advisors)


Jacqueline Chen

Yale University

John Huchra

Brian McNamara

Meghan Novicki

Univ. of Michigan

Christine Jones-Forman

Hank Donnelly

Robert Cohen

Univ. of Idaho

Steve Murray

Martin Zombeck, Ralph Kraft, Almus Kenter

Micol Huw Christopher

Harvard Univ.

Phil Myers

Lori Allen, James di Francesco, Tom Megeath

Colleen Schwartz

Colby College

Suzanne Romaine

John Everett/Ric Bruni

Gregory Herczeg

Univ. of Notre Dame

Steven Saar

Adrian Daw

Michael Baird

Grove City College

Eric M. Schlegel, Peter Garnavich

Ken Rines

Beth Lindsey

Bryn Mawr

Dave Wilner

Qizhou Zhang

1997 Interns

Project Descriptions | Photo Album | More info...


Undergraduate Institution

Project Titles

James Chisholm Northwestern University Identification of Selected Einstein Slew Survey Sources with the ROSAT HRI
Rebecca Danos Wellesley College Calculation of the Cosmological Deceleration Constant from Clusters of Galaxies
Michael Dorris Vanderbilt University Redshift-Magnitude Relations for Galactic Clusters
Lynne Raschke Haverford College Chromospheric Variations in Post Main-Sequence Stars
Brian Rebel Grinnell College M31: It's Not Where You Left It
Eric Rosolowsky Swarthmore College Analyzing Molecular Clouds Using the Spectral Correlation Function
Alicia Soderberg Bates College Type Ia SN1997E in NGC 2258: UBVRI Photometry and a Multicolor Light Curve Shape Distance Analysis
Jesse Southwick Princeton University Multilayer Fabrication and Characterization Using Auger Spectroscopy
Jason Wright Boston University An Analysis of the Evolutionary State of the SNR G299.2-2.9 Using ASCA and Optical Data

1996 Interns


Undergraduate Institution

Project Titles

Avanti Athreya Iowa State University The Reception of Kepler's Astronomia Nova and an Analysis of his Rudolphine Tables
Alison Coil Princeton University Infalling Gas Toward the Galactic Center
Nate Emley University of Massachusetts, Amherst Spectroscopic Orbits for White Dwarf Binaries Identified
Andrew Frey Wake Forest University An Infrared Survey of Protostars in the Perseus Molecular Cloud
Becca McMullen Whitman College Forward Modeling of Coronal Flows
Julia Plummer Washington State University ROSAT X-ray Imaging of Hot Gas in Galaxy Clusters
Yelena Prok University of Virginia Search for Black Hole X-ray Binaries
Ken Rines Rice University Temperature Distribution of Distant Galaxy Clusters from ASCA
Richard Scalzo University of Virginia Strategies for Discovering Planetary Systems Using Gravitational Microlensing
Alice Shapley Harvard University The Infrared Region of Radio-Quiet Quasar Spectral Energy Distribution
Aaron Sokasian Cornell University Characterization and Fabrication of Multilayers

1995 Interns


Undergraduate Institution

Project Titles

Dave Bacon Cal Tech The Viability of a Two-Photon Mechanism by Molecular Hydrogen or Ionied Molecular Hydrogen as an Explanation fof the Diffuse Interstellar Absorption Bands
Kenneth Banas University of Michigan The Association of Supernova Remnants and Molecular Clouds in the Large Magellanic Cloud
Lara Cross Trinity University The Shapes of Clusters of Galaxies Within Superclusters
Ben Lane Cal Tech Improved Mass Determination of the Soft X-ray Transient A0620-00
Wendy Lane Rice University A Search for Redshifted H I 21 cm Absorption by Damped Ly Alpha Absorption Systems
Jennifer Lotz Bryn Mawr Optical Structure in the Zwicky 3146 Central Cluster Galaxy
Rob Simcoe Princeton University Axial Ratio Statistics of Soft X-ray Selected Low Redshift AGN
Stephen Stanec Case Western Reserve The Dependence of Microchannel Plate Energy Resolution on Photocathode Microstructure
Rachel Theran University of Michigan Clusters of Galaxies and X-ray Binaries in the Einstein Slew Survey
Beth Wicklund Tufts University Low Resolution IUE Observations of Chromospheric Mg II h and k Emission
Cherie Willoughby University of Massachusetts Black Holes

1994 Interns


Undergraduate Institution

Project Titles

John Everett Carleton College AXAF X-ray Reflectivity Measurements of Iridium coated Witness Samples
Lisa Falkson Stanford University Discovering Dwarfs: Infrared Photometry of Dwarf Carbon Stars
Natasha Hazell Fordham University The Distribution of Dark and Luminous Matter in Elliptical Galaxies
Eran Jones Southwest Missouri State Compilation of Emission Line Equivalent Widths of QSOs and AGNs
Nicole Lloyd Cornell University Thermal X-ray Emission from Neutron Stars
Travis Metcalfe University of Arizona The Low-Mass Double-Lined Eclipsing Binary CM Draconis
Kendra Michaud University of Maine Heavy Metal Abundance in Eliptical Galaxies
Nicholas Putnam Brown University Pulsar Parallaxes and Proper Motions with VLBI
Ali Thomas Morehouse College Matching of X-ray and Optical Sources
Heather Thompson University of Arizona A Search for X-ray Substructure in Cooling Flows
Steven Vance Andrews University Applications of Multiresolution Filtering and Deconvolution using Wavelets
Jenny White Howard Agnes Scott College The Luminosity Distribution of Low Mass X-ray Binaries in the Galactic Bulge
Amy Winebarger University of Tennessee A Brief Study of the Corona Surrounding a Specific Sunspot Region

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