Solar REU Program:
 Title: Understanding the Dynamic Behavior of Sigmoidal Active Regions

Type of Project: Data analysis

Skills/Interest Required: Interest in analyzing space-based observations for a large data sample. No advanced programming skills required. The data analysis will be performed primarily using IDL.

Mentor: Dr. Ed DeLuca and Ms. Antonia Savcheva



Sigmoidal active regions show a characteristic S (or inverse S) shape when observed in X-rays. Such regions have been shown to produce the majority of solar eruptions. Hence, it is vital that we understand the formation, evolution, and eruption mechanism of these regions.


The project will consist in compiling a catalogue of sigmoidal regions that have been observed with the X-ray telescope on Hinode and SDO/AIA. The behavior of such regions will be classified and they will be separated in groups depending on their evolution in the HMI magnetograms. A key part of the project will be the identification and description of any eruptive behavior in the active region. The project will involve processing XRT, AIA image data and HMI magnetograms. The student will learn about the formation and evolution of active region sigmoids.


Figure 1: X-ray images (left) and magnetic models (right) of an evolving sigmoid.


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