Solar Intern Program Project:
 Title:Winding up Solar Flares

Type of Project: Data analysis, statistics

Skills/Interest Required: Interest in analyzing observations for a large sample of events. Some programming experience would be useful but is not strictly necessary. The work will be conducted primarily using IDL.

Mentor:Dr. Vinay Kashyap



The processes by which solar flares store and release massive amounts of energy (up to 1033 ergs!) are not well understood. The Atmospheric Imaging Array (AIA) on the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) satellite provides a unique opportunity to study a very large number of flares in great detail. Over the duration of previous flare surveys, results may have been skewed because flaring regions did have enough time to store energy, or "wind up." The longer one waits, the more time an active region has to store enough energy that can be released in a flare. This project will use a new tool called the Flare Detective, which automatically detects and classifies flares in AIA data. Using the automatically detected flares, correlations will be determined relating the duration of the flare to the flare's intensity for a wide range of active regions. A large data set will be compiled that greatly improves previous determinations of flare distributions and power-law indices.


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