Solar Intern Program Project:
 Title: Constraining Global Models of Solar Active Region Evolution

Type of Project: Simulations and Observations

Mentor: Dr. Antonia Savcheva, Dr. Ed DeLuca, Karen Meyer



Understanding the progression of the solar cycle of activity, and learning how to predict it is a major problem in solar physics. There are two ingredients that go into producing the solar cycle: internal dynamo effect and surface evolution of active regions and associated magnetic flux ropes. In order to constrain global simulations of surface evolution, one needs to understand the hemispheric rules of the handedness of twist in active regions and flux ropes during different phases of the cycle. This is quantified by the sign of helicity and orientation of filaments. The project will involve building a large set of magnetic models of solar active regions during different phases of the solar cycle and determining the sign of helicity. If time permits, the student will use H alpha images of filaments to determine the sign of the twist. This information will be used in constraining the the global surface simulation of Mackay and Yates.


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