Solar Intern Program Project:
 Title: Instrumentation: Aligning the COSIE Space Telescope

Type of Project: Engineering

Skills/Interest Required Optics, optical alignment, and hands-on testing

Mentors: Peter Cheimets and Ed Hertz



The COronal Spectrographic Imager in the EUV (COSIE) mission is motivated by two objectives: (1) to understand the dynamic physical processes that change closed field to open field and the reverse in the solar corona; (2) to understand the physical processes that control the early evolution of coronal mass ejections in the low corona. COSIE is a combination of the most sensitive EUV imager ever flown and a novel EUV objective grating spectrograph with a field of view extending out to 3 solar radii.


The student will develop a COSIE channel alignment scheme. In the process, the student will become familiar with the scientific aspects of the instrument, work with a non-obvious optical design, and learn about the alignment of space-bourne telescopes. The student will gain experience useful for a future instrument scientist: developing the optical performance of the instrument and ensuring that it works at the level that is required.

Figure 1: Possible locations on the International Space Station for the COSIE instrument


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