Solar Intern Program Project:
 Title: Modeling Jets in a Sigmoidal Active Region

Type of Project: Data Analysis

Skills/Interest Required: Introductory knowledge of the IDL programming language is recommended but not required. Interest in numerical modeling as well as interpreting imaging data produced by space telescopes.

Mentor: Dr. Antonia Savcheva, Ms. Samaiyah Farid, Dr. Kathy Reeves



The July 2017 S-shaped active region (i.e. sigmoid) is the best observed sigmoid so far by the current fleet of space-based telescopes. It spawned multiple C- and M-class flares as well as many coronal jets from different categories. In order to understand the jets that this region produced and put the multitude of other oservations in the context of the magnetic field structure of the region, we need to produce multiple models of its 3D magnetic field structure over its lifetime.


In this respect the student will work alongside a fleet of scientists, including his/her mentors producing non-linear force-free field models of the 3D magnetic field structure of the region, some of which already exist or have been started by last year's REU student, and interpreting XRT, AIA, EIS, and IRIS observations in this context. This is massive effort and a great opportunity to become a part of a detailed comprehensive study of active regions evolution and jet morphology and dynamics by utilizing state-of-the-art modelling tools and satellite observations.

Figure 1: Sigmoid obseved from the SDO/AIA 171 A on July 11, 2017.


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