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Laboratory Test of the Equivalence Principle, A POEM Progress Report

R.D. Reasenberg poster presentation at the 4th Meeting on CPT and Lorentz Symmetry, Indiana University, Aug. 8-11, 2007
(0.6 MB PDF)


A New Laboratory Test of the Equivalence Principle

R.D. Reasenberg talk at the April, 2007 meeting of the American Physical Society

(0.4 MB PDF)


Fabricating an Air Slide for Testing Gravity

J.D. Phillips talk at New England Model Engineering Society, 3 Nov., 2005

(0.5 MB PDF)


Checking the Equivalence Principle While Riding on a Pogo Stick: a Progress Report

R.D. Reasenberg talk at Stanford, 11 Dec., 2002

(8 MB PDF)


Testing the Equivalence Principle on a Trampoline

R.D. Reasenberg talk at CfA, 26 Oct., 2001

(5 MB PDF)




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