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Jen Winters

Center for Astrophysics
Research Associate


I am an observational astronomer who specializes in discovering and characterizing stellar, brown dwarf, and planetary companions to nearby, low-mass stars (M dwarfs). I am conducting an all-sky, multi-epoch, high-resolution spectroscopic survey for companions orbiting the known M dwarfs with masses 0.1 < Msol < 0.3 within 15 pc using the 1.5-m telescopes at Mt. Hopkins in AZ and at CTIO in Chile. I am also using TESS data of these stars to study their activity indicators and search for transiting exoplanets. Finally, I am conducting a high-resolution speckle imaging survey for companions to 1200 nearby M dwarfs using the 8.1-m Gemini telescopes in Hawai'i and Chile. These comprehensive surveys will detect companions at the very smallest separations from their host stars. 

PhD Georgia State University